Having seen the emptiness of Mongolia, arriving in busy Beijing was a dazzling and great experience. Asian cities are just terrific. Huge main roads with loads of modern buildings long them, and what a crowds in the shopping streets! In the Netherlands urban planners always talk about how to get a city lively... they should take a look at some of these Chinese cities. There are cranes everywhere; the city is developing at an amazing pace.

The best thing of Beijing in my opinion, are the hutongs (traditional areas). Loads and loads of narrow, winding streets, filled with an enourmous amount of small eateries and shops. All the streets are crowded with people and traders until late at night. Great food too, for only a couple of euros. You gotta know how to eat with chopsticks though...

I heard the hutongs are disappearing at a fast pace, to make place for modern developments. I sure hope some will remain, because that's really where the heart of Beijing is!

Chinese Wall

Well, what can I say? A visit to Beijing ain't complete if you haven't seen the Chinese wall!